House of Representatives District 73
Elect Kim Landry Coates

Louisiana has the worst roads in the United States. Something needs to change. Our roads and bridges in Tangipahoa are old and dated. We must add roundabouts to Hwy 22 and widen Hwy 51, especially the bridge over the Ponchatoula Creek.

I have fought for smart development for 4 years on the Parish Council and I'm proud of our accomplishments, particularly developing regulations to minimize fill, increase green space & larger lots.
Water knows no political boundaries. I was appointed as an alternate on the Louisiana Watershed Initiative Steering Committee for Region 7 working with other parishes. The state can do more to de-snag out the rivers and channels. We also need to use more nature based solutions as creating water retention areas, so the rivers have a place to overflow without damaging our towns and homes. 

Crime is out of control in Louisiana and Tangipahoa Parish.
We need to pay cops more so they can stay on the streets deterring crime.
We need to end the catch and release programs and hold DAs accountable when they don't keep criminals behind bars. We also need to slow down illegal immigration into Louisiana. 

States like Texas and Florida have low taxes and their economies are booming. I want to lower taxes in Louisiana and to grow real industry in Tangipahoa Parish, so that we can all raise our grandkids in Louisiana!

I am a proud pro-life Christian conservative.  Raising three children, I understand the importance of a good education. Louisiana cannot continue to be at the bottom in education.
When only 43% of Louisiana children grades K-3 are reading at their grade level it's time to sound the alarm. I will also fight to protect homeschool families. 

I won't bore you with the details, but the Louisiana state budget is chaotic. The budget is tangled, messy and cluttered. These days, the State Legislature can only make changes to 7% of the total budget. There has to be big reforms to open up the budget so that lawmakers can find the waste and make cuts that do not hurt our families but make government more efficient. 

Hunting is an important part of the fabric of Louisiana's culture and life.
With crime skyrocketing across Louisiana, citizens need to be able to defend themselves. Studies have shown for years that Concealed Carry permits reduce crime. It's common sense. We must always push back against federal attempts to limit our sacred rights to bear arms.

The beautiful wetlands surrounding our two great lakes define the culture of southern Tangipahoa. Nothing does more to protect us from the damages of future hurricanes and storm surge. I will continue to fight to preserve them.